Art Writing/ Reviews

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Academic Publications

Antosik-Parsons, Kate, 'Women’s Troubles: Abject Femininity in Willie Doherty’s Same Difference and Closure' Etudes Irlandaises (Forthcoming 2020).

Antosik-Parsons, Kate, 'Visualising the Spirit of Freedom: Irish women’s citizenship and autonomy in Amanda Coogan’s Floats in the AetherReview of Irish Studies in Europe (Forthcoming 2020).

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Creative Publications

Antosik-Parsons, Kate, ‘My Motherly Stigmata’, ‘Time’, ‘I will mark this moment’, ‘On the experience of live art’, New Anthology of Migrant Writers in Ireland, Ed. Theophilus Ejorh, Drogheda: Choice Publishing Company, 2012.

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